Monday, 22 February 2010

Still in Doha

Been a long time since I wrote due to the fact that I have a full-time teaching job in an International School now. Pretty busy, but still gives me the opportunity to teach ukulele one day a week after school. We are following James Hill's teaching ukulele in the classroom book which is brilliant by the way. I am using ukes that I bring in from NZ via teachers who come here to teach Qatari teachers. They carry in a box of 6 from Auckland every now and then - so we are gradually filling Doha with small, colourful ukuleles! At present my new little team can read the notes of the four strings and play from the score to varied rhythmical patterns. They are loving this - and at the same time have managed to play C F and G7.
In the meantime I continue with my adult group out of my home. We meet every three weeks and I have some very keen players amongst them. We play and sing and eat and drink lemon grass tea. Living in Qatar is not all that bad really!