Friday, 15 February 2008

Doha contd

After our overload of shopping centres we drive downtown to my very favourite place so far. We park in a cobbled parking place next to an old building made with stones and uneven tree branches. The place is just opening and we wander into a Moroccan Restaurant while we wait for the Soukh to come to life. Here you can sit on the pavement sucking a pipe bubbling through water called a 'shisha'? It seems that both men and women do this. We instead choose to drink Morroccan tea (mint and honey) and eat eggplant and lentils. Then the fun begins. We wander down small alleyways to find everything from bedding to material to shoes and bicycles. Then the smells of the spice section beckon me and I simply drool over the selection of nuts, figs, dates, spices, herbs and teas. I know that I will return to this place again and again. This time I buy conservatively and carry home my little treasures to fill my new jars with and to simply gaze at in awe for the next few days. I am absolutely going to love living here despite the shopping centres! 

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