Sunday, 2 March 2008

Ukuleles in Doha

Having sat at home for four weeks, being what my friend calls a 'Doha Darling' while we scoot downtown to shop or to walk the Corniche (harbour-front walk) or to simply take breakfast at the Ramada Hotel, it is time to do some sort of work I feel. So I have decided to introduce Doha to ukuleles, starting with a children's group from the school since they are looking for private music teachers at present. Having mentioned this I recieved some enthusiastic response and trotted downtown to the two music shops there. Neither of them sell ukuleles unfortunately and were not sure what they were even. I guess a ukulele is not a Middle Eastern instrument after all. I have since managed to persuade people who were off overseas for workshops to buy a few for me and lo and behold I have 6 new ukuleles in town as we speak. Tomorrow I will go to school and advertise myself and see what happens. I am also intending to start a ukulele collective for adults at home here perhaps once a month. There is nothing like singing together for a couple of hours and plunking away at the easiest instrument in the world. Watch this post for further development! 

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Anonymous said...

Guess what! I have signed up for a 7 week course for over 50's who want to learn the UKELELE! It runs in May and June and costs only $3 per lesson......much cheaper than I imagine Mrs P's lessons in Dohar are.....I have yet to purchase my ukelele

Love from Tassie Lynne