Monday, 2 June 2008

Our New Grandson

While our lives have been ticking along here in Doha, our beautiful daughter in law has cleverly given birth to another beautiful grandson. I was recently in London to visit them all and to watch them prepare for this new baby in their little flat in Crouch End. Our little Otso had already decided that he was getting a new brother and had been thinking about names for him already. His favourite at the time I was there was Pappadum. He liked the rhythm of it. So Nathan and Otso had painted his new bedroom (made from a large storage room). It was turning out to be a lovely little room with high ceilings and an old fireplace/bookshelf and a window. Otso chose soft green for his main wall and Nathan put stars on the ceiling for him in readiness for the day he could move in. I don't think he actually sleeps there yet, but it is a lovely place for him to call his own.
Kai joined us a couple of weeks ago and is a gorgeous little boy with dark hair and a sweet face. We will meet him in August when we return from Australia. My plan is to go to the Edinburgh festival again where Nat will be playing if anyone wants to join me!!

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