Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Doha Ukulele Collective

Yes, it's happening! I have formed a ukulele collective against all odds. The main odds being that you cannot buy ukuleles in Doha, so we have had to bribe, cajole and beg people to bring them in from overseas any time someone travels. (our lovely CEO brought in 4 on his last trip).  Every three weeks or thereabouts, we meet at our house for a couple of hours playing session. This has been all by word of mouth, as it is no use advertising something when there are not enough instruments! After our next holiday I am sure that Doha will be inundated with ukuleles. The collective is made up of adults from all over the place. Already we have New Zealand, Australian, American, Latvian members, most of whom are beginners. It is amazing how keen they all are and so we are quickly adding more and more chords to our repertoire. Next week will be our third meeting only and I expect to have 12 people attending, from a beginning night of 5. So word is spreading. I also have two children's classes going as an after-school activity. They are loving it, and in these classes I have Qatari children as well (one from the Royal Family), which I am delighted about. At present I believe 2 big sisters are carrying in ukuleles from overseas as well. These families have never heard of this instrument, so I think I have started something! We will be playing at the end of year Primary School concert so I am sure that next year it will probably be a full time job! So you see, Uke can change the world!

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