Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Pictures of Doha

A beautiful house being demolished and reduced to steel and stone. Why?

A worker on his bike, pedalling away from the ruins of a demolished mansion with the remains of a huge chandelier tinkling as he wobbles along the road trying to balance this gorgeous thing on his handlebars. Taking it where?

A baby camel sitting on the back of a ute, with just his neck and head popping up to view the passers by. Going where?

A pet cheetah with a collar in the back of a family 4WD, being let out for a run in the desert by his owner, a 10 year old boy. Dad had given it to him for a present, brought in from Africa somewhere. How?

A worker with his face and head wrapped up with cloth while he works in 48 degree heat on a building site. (some of them for 16 hour shifts) ???

A shop selling hooded falcons wearing little leather vests to match.

A camel race with little robotic jockeys on each one, while the trainers in cars hurtle alongside the track from the start to the end of the race.  With an electronic device?

An old man chopping up pomegranates to make me a fresh juice.

A pre-3 year old child in full school uniform going to preschool for 5 hours every day.

The laundry always full of long white robes.

Shops selling gaudy, extravagant, frilly, sequinned, elaborate, colourful dresses in all sizes from children's to women's.

A woman in full black abaya and chador with only her eyes peeping out, giving me a lift home.

A huge concrete tree trunk emerging out of the desert to support the new Convention Centre.

An Iranian Restaurant lined with coloured glass from floor to ceiling, where we sit on the floor to eat.

A young boy in a white thobe riding a three-wheeler bike (very popular).

A Sri Lankan maid carrying the heavy school bag of the Grade 6 son of her host family.

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